MP's Conference

Towards a Progressive Europe – Vol. 2

Second European parliamentary conference in Paris

© Assemblée nationale

In April 2016, Socialist and Social Democrats members of European national parliaments and the European parliament working for the respective finance and budget commissions held a meeting in Paris.

Aiming to strengthen the interparliamentary dialogue on fiscal and budgetary policies in the European Union, the SPD parliamentary group initiated a first meeting in Berlin in October 2015. For this second edition of the #ProgressiveEurope conference, it was their French colleagues who welcomed parliamentarians coming from all over Europe at the Assemblée nationale  in Paris.

The group mainly discussed European economic policies. At the end of the debates, seven proposals had been formulated, particularly concerning the fight against tax evasion and tax optimisation. All proposals were approved in a joint resolution. The French news magazine L’Obs reported on the event in an extensive article.

In this time of crisis it is necessary to rethink the European project and to propose further reforms. Transnational exchanges strengthen the European unity and the willingness to cooperate. To maintain this progress, the MPs agreed on the organisation of a third conference which will take place on 15-16 September in Lisbon.