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Socialist and Social-Democratic European parliamentarians against tax evasion

The French magazine L’Obs reviews the Paris Conference

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The French news magazine L’Obs has published on 8 April 2016 an article about the interparliamentary Conference which took place in Paris on 7-8 April 2016.

This event aimed at gathering twenty-five socialist and social-democratic parliamentarians from European national parliaments and the European parliament for the second time, after a first meeting in Berlin had taken place in October 2015. They mainly discussed current challenges that Europe has to face. The article particularly underlines that deputies focused their debates on the fiscal and budgetary policy issues.

“The European Agenda has been ruled by a neoliberal approach for too long. We surely need reforms to adapt ourselves (…). But they have to take three objectives into account: how strengthen growth, reach sustainable social systems and reduce social inequalities”, explains Maria Joao Rodrigues, who edited and submitted to the European Parliament, a progressive agenda for the structural reforms.

The full article is available here (in French).