MPs' Conference

Third MPs’ Conference to take place in Lisbon

European MPs will meet on 15-16 September in the Portuguese Parliament

© K. Reichert

On invitation of the Parliamentary Group of the Portuguese Socialist Party, the next #ProgressiveEurope Interparliamentary Conference gathering MPs specialised in fiscal and budgetary affairs will take place in the Assembleia da República on 15-16 September 2016.

Only four months after the Paris Conference, the European socialist and social-democratic Members of Parliament will more than ever have enough topics to discuss. The Brexit, which will be in the center of the debates, has brought the European Union to go in an uncharted territory. Taking place in a country with a strong experience with migration flows, the Conference will then spot the ongoing refugee crisis which puts under the spotlight the need for more cooperation and mutual understanding between Member States.

The Five Presidents’ report will be the topic of another roundtable, asking the question of the ways to completing Europe’s economic and monetary Union. Last but not least, the European Parliamentarians will discuss about financial affairs and the implementation of the BEPS.

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Only a few days after the Paris Conference of the Presidents of parliamentary groups, more than twenty Socialists and Social-Democrats coming from different national Parliament as well as from the European Parliament will discuss together during this two-day Conference.

If you are interested in statements from the participants of the Conference, please send a mail to info [at] More information will follow soon.