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Handling the refugee crisis: Progressive views from Hungary

Hungarian socialist parliamentarians presented their proposal for the management of the refugee crisis called “Responsibility & Security”

Foto: Stephen Ryan (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

While inflows of refugees went through the Hungarian border in late Summer 2015 before the right-wing and conservative Government built a fence on the southern border, the parliamentary group of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) formulated a year later a proposal with far-reaching demands addressed to the Government for a change in the current migration policy.

Strengthening their progressive stance away from the conservative measures made by the current Government, the MSZP parliamentarians presented eight demands to solve and prevent further crises based upon the current migratory and humanitarian crisis and the potential future migratory movements. Along with other demands, the parliamentarians called upon the Government to establish a specialized border policing directorate and to initiate an institutionalized cooperation with other EU member states. In addition, the parliamentarians requested to form  an organized cooperation with NGOs and charity organizations and to spread objective and correct information instead of running a campaign promoting fear and hatred.

Call for the further development of the Common European Foreign and Security Policy

Furthermore, the parliamentary group of the Hungarian Socialist Party asked for the further development of the Common European Foreign and Security Policy. It includes the implementation of a common asylum system to establish a consistent procedure to deal with refugees and asylum applications. They also underlined the importance to implement a common diplomatic procedure to fight root causes of migration. These measures should be financed up to even 1% of the member states’ GDP.

[…] due to the armed conflict raging in Syria and to the problems arising in relation to the execution of the EU-Turkey Agreement there is a high risk of a refugee wave comparable to that of last year unfolding. The security of the Hungarian people requires authorities to be prepared for the efficient management of such a situation. […]

These far-reaching demands would cause a better and more fair handling of refugees due to the improvement in the cooperation and the implementation of a progressive way of dealing with potential future migratory crisis.

The proposal can be downloaded here.