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A Social Europe

An SPD Parliamentary Group paper exploring a vision for a more social Europe

‘A Social Europe’ is a paper written by the SPD Parliamentary Group which defines concrete social problems across the EU member states. Claiming that Brexit offers the perfect opportunity to shift the focus back onto social policies, the paper suggests measures which could be undertaken to steer the EU member states towards a more social Europe.

In 2014 Jean-Claude Juncker, as President of the European Commission, promised the strengthening of social rights within EU member states. Using the language of financial rating agencies, he argued member states should aspire to be awarded a ‘social triple A’, in other words an excellent social rating. Three years later little progress has been mad. Many member states have even proved unwilling to make the changes necessary to bring about a Europe in which inequality of wages and wealth no longer pose a problem to economic development. The paper ‘A Social Europe’ examines possible areas in which the EU can strategically act in order to improve social conditions. It argues that social, environmental and economic progress must be equally important principles of such a strategy, whose objectives are sustainable growth and fair employment in all the Union’s regions. Education, inclusivity, and youth unemployment are just a few of the areas identified in this paper by the SPD Parliamentary Group as areas in need of change which, with a more social outlook, may help the European Union to reach its ‘social triple A’ rating.

You can read the paper in full here.