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Taxing the digital economy in the EU

How to deal with the digital giants? An Interview with MEP Paul Tang16 November 2017 | Paul Tang

As long as the European Union does not adapt the outdated international corporate tax rules – which date back to the time of brick-and-mortar industries – to the era of the digital economy, the EU-countries keep on losing valuable tax revenues. Paul Tang, member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs in the European Parliament, answers the questions of #ProgressiveEurope about the taxation of the digital giants.

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Emmanuel Macron’s France: a challenge for the Socialist Party

Olivier Faure, president of the parliamentary group Nouvelle Gauche, analyses the first steps of the new Parliament’s term16 October 2017
Parti Socialiste - Mathieu Delmestre / Solfé communication

A year after the creation of the “En marche !” movement, the wave of “walkers” lead by Emmanuel Macron conquered the Élysée Palace and the National Assembly. The LREM MPs are in favour of a social liberalism that goes beyond classical political divides. Olivier Faure, president of the parliamentary group Nouvelle Gauche, analyses their strategy and the recent transformations of the French political landscape.

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Social Democratic Priorities in Luxembourg: an Interview with Alex Bodry

Alex Bodry shares his insights on the current state of migration and housing in Luxembourg, and his view on Brexit12 June 2017 | Alex Bodry

Alex Bodry, Member of the Luxembourg Parliament and President of the Socialist Parliamentary Group in Luxembourg, speaks to #ProgressiveEurope about his priorities regarding immigration, the housing market and his opinion on Brexit.

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Europe Needs Greater Solidarity

An opinion piece by Jakob von Weizsäcker13 April 2017
"European Union Quarter in Brussels" (CC BY 2.0) by leonyaakov

If the European economic and social model is to live to see brighter days, three changes are required: more centralisation, more competition and more trust in each other. These factors could allow new instruments of solidarity to develop, such as a European unemployment insurance system.

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European progressive Parliamentarians together in Paris

Social democratic and socialist Presidents of parliamentary groups met for the second time12-13 September 2016 | Assemblée nationale, Paris
Social democratic and socialist Presidents in Paris © Frédéric Pitchal

On Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 September 2016, the parliamentary group of the French Socialists in the Assemblée nationale organised in Paris the second Conference of the Presidents of socialist and social-democratic parliamentary groups from the European national parliaments. During this two-day conference, parliamentarians debated and submitted proposals on the future of the Eurozone and of the European Union.


A new responsibility

The democratic debate, the answer to a European project under threat12 September 2016 | Bruno Le Roux, Thomas Oppermann & Ettore Rosato
Thomas Oppermann, Bruno Le Roux and Ettore Rosato

As the European Project seems to be more and more in need of evaluation and re-thinking, Bruno Le Roux, Thomas Oppermann and Ettore Rosato insist on the importance of reinforcing the democratic debate. The launch of the website “Progressive Europe” aims to contribute to the success of this dialogue and cooperation between the socialist and social democratic parliamentary groups in the European member states.

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Joint resolution of the second interparliamentary conference

Agreement on a common declaration in Paris8 April 2016 | Assemblée nationale, Paris

After a first edition in Berlin in October 2015, the European progressive interparliamentary conference took place for the second time on 7-8 April 2016 in the Assemblée Nationale in Paris. This new meeting format is coming from the will of the socialist and social democratic MPs of the committees for finance and for budget of the national and European parliaments in order to exchange on economic policies to be implemented in Europe, to elaborate together convergence points.

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Towards a Progressive Europe

First European parliamentary conference in Berlin15-16 October 2015 | Bundestag, Berlin

The Eurozone crisis and the protracted, months-long negotiations on a new Greek bailout have broughtdeep cracks in the European integration project to the fore . It also revealeddifferences between Europe’s progressive parties. Now Europe seems to be faced with a choice: more Europe and closer integration, or a reversion to nation states and national interests? Faced with this choice, the parliamentary group of the SPD invited social-democratic and socialist parliamentarians from across the EU to Berlin for the first inter-parliamentary conference, entitled “Towards a Progressive Europe”. Das Progressive Zentrum organised the conference on behalf of the group.