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Taking a stand against Populism – How can we strengthen our democracy?

Interview with Thomas Oppermann, President of the German SPD parliamentary group21 July 2017 | Thomas Oppermann

In our interview with Thomas Oppermann, the Chairman of the SPD Parliamentary Group talks about the cause of and ways to deal with populism. He calls for the development of a debate culture in Germany and for a state which looks after the interests of its citizens. This involves looking at social inequalities and insecurity, the crisis of democracy, boundaries and exclusion, and at positive developments.

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How to get out of the perfect storm

The role of European progressives in the fight against populism12 July 2017
Mario De Carli

Anna Ascani, Member of the Italian Parliament, highlights the rise of populism in Europe, which is embodied in Italy by the Five Star Movement (M5S). To fight against “retromania” and reconcile citizens with politics, she suggests a strengthening of political proposals by European progressives.

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An Agenda Close to the Citizens: the Key to the Future of Europe

Employment, security and integration: the three priorities for the success of the European project - an opinion piece by Laura Garavini31 May 2017 | Laura Garavini
© European Union 2013 - European Parliament

In the context of increasing populism, important developments are required in order to guarantee the future of Europe. To win back the trust of its citizens, the EU needs an agenda which addresses their concerns, in particular regarding employment, security and integration.

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Progressives Need to Strive for a Political Union

But they must overcome many obstacles – An op-ed by Ettore Rosato2 March 2017 | Ettore Rosato
"Ettore Rosato a Bologna" (CC-BY) by Francesco Pierantoni - Progressive Europe
"Ettore Rosato a Bologna" (CC-BY) by Francesco Pierantoni

Nationalism and a technocratic understanding of integration have been hindering the European integration. Even though the way towards a better Europe today might be harder than ever, progressives need to continue striving for the political union. The President of the Partito Democratico group in the Italian Parliament, Ettore Rosato, explains, why active listening and humility will be key to win public support for the progressive agenda.

Conferences of the Presidents

Third Conference of the Chairpersons – “Towards a Progressive Europe”

The chairpersons met in Berlin for the 3rd #ProgressiveEurope conference hosted by the SPD parliamentary group22-23 February 2017 | Berlin
#ProgressiveEurope | @JacobUndAlex

The conference provided a platform for interesting debates on a wide range of topics as well as an opportunity for social democrats and socialists in the national parliaments of the EU to strengthen their ties.

Conferences of the Presidents

Third Conference of the Chairpersons – “Towards a Progressive Europe”

The 3rd #ProgressiveEurope conference is hosted by the SPD parliamentary group in Berlin22-23 February 2017 | Berlin
Andreas Levers - "Jakob-Kaiser-Haus" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by 96dpi

“Towards a Progressive Europe” – this remains the objective of the conference, especially in currently tumultuous times in Europe and the world. After successfully strengthening ties at the conferences in Rome and Paris, the chairmen and chairwomen of the social democratic and socialist parliamentary groups of the national parliaments come together in Berlin for this year’s first gathering.

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60 Years in the Making: Europe as a Social Community

Conference in Berlin on a social Europe in response to growing inequality and ever-increasing nationalism in the EU16 February 2017 | Berlin | Axel Schäfer
"Bundestag" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by martingerz2

On 16 February 2017, the SPD Bundestag will host the conference “60 Years in the Making: Europe as a Social Community.” The conference will provide a platform for an exchange on a stronger, fairer and more social Europe.

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Handling the refugee crisis: Progressive views from Hungary

Hungarian socialist parliamentarians presented their proposal for the management of the refugee crisis called “Responsibility & Security”20 January 2017
Foto: Stephen Ryan (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

While inflows of refugees went through the Hungarian border in late Summer 2015 before the right-wing and conservative Government built a fence on the southern border, the parliamentary group of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) formulated a year later a proposal with far-reaching demands addressed to the Government for a change in the current migration policy.

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Portuguese Budget Proposal 2017: Another Step Towards Consolidation

An analysis by João Paulo Correia15 November 2016 | MP João Paulo Correia
"Portugal" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by chilangoco

Within a compact overview, Vice-President of the Socialist Group at the Assembleia da República João Paulo Correia depicts the point of departure of the current Portuguese Government and points out the main objectives for 2017. The ambitious budget proposal aims to combine financial consolidation, growth and employment enhancing policies and improvements in pensions and social security.


A new platform for #ProgressiveEurope

The Presidents of European socialist and social-democratic parliamentary groups launched the website in Paris13 September 2016 | Assemblée nationale, Paris | #ProgressiveEurope
2. Treffen der Fraktionsvorsitzenden Europas in Paris © Frédéric Pitchal

The Presidents of European socialist and social-democratic parliamentary groups gathered during a second meeting on invitation of Bruno Le Roux, President of the French Socialist, ecological and republican group. At this occasion, the new platform #ProgressiveEurope has been officially launched. This platform will let more interaction between European Progressives and with the greater public.