Interview Education Freedom Hungary

Academic freedom threatened in Hungary

Strong governmental restrictions put the education system at risk1 September 2017
"Library"(CC BY-NC 2.0) by Stewart Butterfield

Bertalan Tóth, leader of the parliamentary group of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), answers to the questions of #ProgressiveEurope about the restrictions to academic freedom in Hungary. He argues that the recent amendments to the higher education act could reveal the government’s greed of power on the national and international stage.

Interview Prisons Human Rights Greece

Prison conditions in Greece: progress still to be made

Interview with Theodoros Papatheodorou, MP of the Democratic Coalition in the Hellenic Parliament27 November 2017 | Theodoros Papatheodorou
Korydallos prison in Athens (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by tsiros

Within the last few years, prison conditions in Greece have improved: alternative sentences were introduced in order to tackle the issue of overcrowding. And yet, some problems remain, such as a flawed reintegration process. According to Theodoros Papatheodorou, there is a need for more cooperation at the European level.

Interview Prisons Human Rights Belgium

Prison conditions in Belgium: an alarming situation

Interview with Özlem Özen, MP of the Socialist Party in the Belgian Chamber of Representatives1 September 2017 | Özlem Özen
"Prison"(CC BY-NC 2.0) by Matthias Müller

Özlem Özen, MP of the Socialist Party in the Belgian Chamber of Representatives, answers to the questions of #ProgressiveEurope. She comments on prison conditions and on the lack of financial and human resources in the Belgian penal system. Besides, she calls for a better assistance of prisoners in the process of rehabilitation.

Opinion Trade

Regulation as an Opportunity

An opinion piece by Carsten Schneider5 April 2017 | Carsten Schneider
Timothy Krause

Some politicians’ economic policy ideas are a breeding ground for the next crisis. As chair of the G20, Germany must take a stand against this.

Opinions EU

Progressives Need to Strive for a Political Union

But they must overcome many obstacles – An op-ed by Ettore Rosato2 March 2017 | Ettore Rosato
"Ettore Rosato a Bologna" (CC-BY) by Francesco Pierantoni - Progressive Europe
"Ettore Rosato a Bologna" (CC-BY) by Francesco Pierantoni

Nationalism and a technocratic understanding of integration have been hindering the European integration. Even though the way towards a better Europe today might be harder than ever, progressives need to continue striving for the political union. The President of the Partito Democratico group in the Italian Parliament, Ettore Rosato, explains, why active listening and humility will be key to win public support for the progressive agenda.

Conferences of the Presidents

Third Conference of the Chairpersons – “Towards a Progressive Europe”

The chairpersons met in Berlin for the 3rd #ProgressiveEurope conference hosted by the SPD parliamentary group22-23 February 2017 | Berlin
#ProgressiveEurope | @JacobUndAlex

The conference provided a platform for interesting debates on a wide range of topics as well as an opportunity for social democrats and socialists in the national parliaments of the EU to strengthen their ties.


A new responsibility

The democratic debate, the answer to a European project under threat12 September 2016 | Bruno Le Roux, Thomas Oppermann & Ettore Rosato
Thomas Oppermann, Bruno Le Roux and Ettore Rosato

As the European Project seems to be more and more in need of evaluation and re-thinking, Bruno Le Roux, Thomas Oppermann and Ettore Rosato insist on the importance of reinforcing the democratic debate. The launch of the website “Progressive Europe” aims to contribute to the success of this dialogue and cooperation between the socialist and social democratic parliamentary groups in the European member states.

Opinions Brexit

Remain & Reform

An opinion piece from Bruno Le Roux & Thomas Oppermann22 June 2016 | Bruno Le Roux & Thomas Oppermann
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Shortly before the referendum on Great Britain’s European Union membership, the chairmen of the SPD’s parliamentary group in the Bundestag and the “groupe socialiste, écologiste et républicain” in the French National Assembly joined together to present their propositions in light of the current EU crisis. With regard to the possibility of a “Brexit”, Thomas Oppermann and Bruno Le Roux support the Member States’ rapprochement and a closer cooperation with the objective of implementing new reforms, in particular between France and Germany.

Conferences of the Presidents Press release

Conclusions of the Conference

First Conference gathering European parliamentary groups' chairpersons held in Rome8 February 2016 | Camera dei Deputati, Rome

For the first time ever, we, the National parliamentary group chairpersons of the Progressive parties of the European Union, have met in Rome, to express our commitment to progressive changes in our countries and in Europe and to strengthen cooperation and communication between the various social democratic group leaders in the national parliaments. This is an Italian Democratic Party’s initiative in cooperation with the German Social Democratic Party, which immediately has been joined by the Groups of the PES of Austria, France, Sweden, Hungary and Luxembourg. (more…)