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The failed attempt at a banking union

A critical analysis of the implementation of a banking union by Carsten Schneider25 August 2017
Carsten Frenzl

The hard-won agreement over joint bank monitoring was mistrusted from the moment it was put into force. The set of rules laid out is porous due to the many exceptions it allows. A commentary piece by Carsten Schneider.


Portugal after the Crisis

An opinion piece by Maria João Rodrigues21 June 2017

Portugal suffered greatly during and in the aftermath of the financial and economic crisis. The country seems to however have managed the difficult situation. The following opinion piece will discuss its implementations for the European Union, as well as for Portugals future.

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Europe Needs Greater Solidarity

An opinion piece by Jakob von Weizsäcker13 April 2017
"European Union Quarter in Brussels" (CC BY 2.0) by leonyaakov

If the European economic and social model is to live to see brighter days, three changes are required: more centralisation, more competition and more trust in each other. These factors could allow new instruments of solidarity to develop, such as a European unemployment insurance system.

The French parliament demands concrete actions to increase social justice in Europe

As a reaction to the debate on the European social rights package there is a bundle of demands from France with concrete propositions to fight social injustice1 February 2017
Foto: georgemoga (CC BY-NC 2.0)

The European Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly passed a package of demands as a reaction to the debate of the European Commission which should specify the results and thus ensure the social protection of the Europeans through coordinated approach.

Conference of the Presidents Press release

European progressive Parliamentarians together in Paris

Social democratic and socialist Presidents of parliamentary groups met for the second time12-13 September 2016 | Assemblée nationale, Paris
Social democratic and socialist Presidents in Paris © Frédéric Pitchal

On Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 September 2016, the parliamentary group of the French Socialists in the Assemblée nationale organised in Paris the second Conference of the Presidents of socialist and social-democratic parliamentary groups from the European national parliaments. During this two-day conference, parliamentarians debated and submitted proposals on the future of the Eurozone and of the European Union.

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Remain & Reform

An opinion piece from Bruno Le Roux & Thomas Oppermann22 June 2016 | Bruno Le Roux & Thomas Oppermann
© nito

Shortly before the referendum on Great Britain’s European Union membership, the chairmen of the SPD’s parliamentary group in the Bundestag and the “groupe socialiste, écologiste et républicain” in the French National Assembly joined together to present their propositions in light of the current EU crisis. With regard to the possibility of a “Brexit”, Thomas Oppermann and Bruno Le Roux support the Member States’ rapprochement and a closer cooperation with the objective of implementing new reforms, in particular between France and Germany.

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Towards a Progressive Europe

First European parliamentary conference in Berlin15-16 October 2015 | Bundestag, Berlin

The Eurozone crisis and the protracted, months-long negotiations on a new Greek bailout have broughtdeep cracks in the European integration project to the fore . It also revealeddifferences between Europe’s progressive parties. Now Europe seems to be faced with a choice: more Europe and closer integration, or a reversion to nation states and national interests? Faced with this choice, the parliamentary group of the SPD invited social-democratic and socialist parliamentarians from across the EU to Berlin for the first inter-parliamentary conference, entitled “Towards a Progressive Europe”. Das Progressive Zentrum organised the conference on behalf of the group.